Okay so. America’s favorite might not happen because of Team America.

So Derrick will probably win and because he won, we just go ahead and give his 25K to America’s favorite. Yes no maybe? I’m grasping at straws.

I really want an America’s favorite.

Why do you think their won’t be an America’s Favorite?

Well someone on tumblr wrote it all out and I reblogged it but I’ll reiterate. Because in BB8, they had America’s player who completed missions and earned 10K with each one totaling up to 40,000 and there was no America’s favorite because essentially he was. This whole team America is similar but with three people. If someone like Donny were to win America’s fave, that plus his TA earnings could possibly total up more than the second place runner up which I don’t think is entirely fair.

Anonymous asked:

I think we have the same brain. I agree so much about your post about Zach being popular and he could've gotten further if it weren't for the bomb squad/detonators. And the post this morning about how Frankie misses his family not Zach.

Ah yay thank you so much. I’m glad someone else out there cares to read what I think and feels the same way. I seriously feel like he would have done so much better with a different cast or if the bomb squad/detonators wouldn’t have existed. And the whole Frankie thing, yeah. Messed up. Still so mad about it. But it’s definitely not just Zach’s absence upsetting him.

The fact that Miley’s date to the VMAs who represented the type of people she’s trying to help through this charity to fight youth homelessness has a criminal record is going to wash away the importance of the movement and quite frankly I’m pissed about it.

I’ve wanted some attention brought to homelessness for a long time now and finally someone BIG, Miley, shines a light on it and it’s already got a big controversy squashing it. I’m very upset. Not at Jesse or Miley but just at people in general. I DON’T CARE if he has a record, the issue is still REAL.

I know Zach is the real winner this season. He has the most followers (and I’m not counting Frankie because he has a vastly unfair advantage and had most of his followers before BB16) out of anyone this season (and he’s got like the third most out of anyone on big brother I believe-not positive but think so behind Janelle and Dan) and he was the biggest entertainment factor. Easily the most memorable thing from BB16 is Zach. Feedsters love him and even TV viewers love him. A ton of former BB legends and memorable players have tweeted good things about him and support as well as two celebrities who aren’t even associated with BB plus Ariana Grande. He is just widely loved and I honestly believe he will be back on another season or doing some type of work for CBS in the future.

But it still kinda sucks to think about how poorly he did on the show. He’s the third out of a nine person jury. Would’ve been fourth if it weren’t for the jury buy back. 9th place. Like. That actually sucks. I feel bad because I actually think the boy would’ve done better gameplay wise if he didn’t get so fucked up by Frankie. Not blaming Frankie at all, but that situation totally made him lose touch with everything. He was already erratic but his main strategy came from his plans with Frankie and when that blew up he felt like he had no where to go. He was emotional and therefore unaware that he was expendable to his alliance. The week he was backdoored, I know he threw that HOH comp. Julie listed the people left in the game, he realized they were all detonators, BOOM. He got that very next question wrong and it was a dumb question that I know he knew the answer to because I listened to him study it on the feeds the night before. He had too much trust in his alliance. I think that was his biggest downfall. Not even his big mouth. Mostly just…the fact that he put his faith in the wrong people. People can argue that ultimately the detonators/bomb squad kept him in the game, but they also took him out. I think he realized he was expendable to them the night before Nicole’s eviction when he tried to help her save herself. But at that point it was too late to do anything and he just kept HOPING that the alliance wouldn’t turn on him. But they did. And I’m sad.

Anonymous asked:

I love how Frankie also said the ONLY reason Zach still has fans is because of how nicely he left, and if he hadn't had left like that he would have been a "MONSTER". It's funny, because regardless of how Zach left he would have still been loved by America like he has been this whole season. And it's funnier because one of the main houseguests that viewers perceive as a "monster" is Frankie. What kind of delusional world does he live in even?

Ugh, clearly his OWN. I didn’t even know he said that. It makes me so sad…no one in that house had any faith in him and out of everyone I would’ve thought Frankie would. But he still insists on belittling him as a stupid fuck up that’s just a big mess. Zach’s self esteem was so busted and you could kind of tell that he was fighting for his confidence toward the end. Everyone was really effecting his perception of himself. Can’t wait for him to come out and see how loved he is. And for Frankie and the other shit talkers to see how unloved they are.

Anonymous asked:

i think it's wrong to assume like you know what frankie's feeling. none of us do.

I know it is, and as I said it’s my opinion. I’m not stating anything as fact, I’m stating it was what I think he feels based on what I see/spoken words/his actions.